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The AUVESTA Summer Bonus Campaign 2022
20th June 2022 - 10th July 2022
Win a precious metal bonus every day!

The AUVESTA Summer Bonus Campaign
20th June 2022 - 10th July 2022

The warm days are just around the corner and with them countless opportunities to enjoy the summer even more!  

Starting on the 20th June you can win excellent rewards every day for any precious metal purchase of € 50 or more.

Win a precious metal bonus every day!
Up to 2% bonus on your precious metal purchases from €50 AUVESTA will add a bonus of up to 2% to your purchases of precious metals in your online depot!


This is how the summer campaign works:

(Example of a 2% bonus)
You buy €1000 worth of precious metals and you will get a fractional ownership of a silver bar worth €20 with your purchase (2% of your purchase) as an additional bonus.


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* These bonuses are only valid for purchases of precious metals from €50 to a maximum amount of €500,000 per deposit (receipt of payment before 10th July 2022) during the period of the campaign.
Each payment is only valued once. Agio/Setup Fee payments are not included.
Claim a fantastic bonus with your purchase of precious metals until 11th July 2022
When making your transfer please always state your depot number as the payment reference.

The bonuses will automatically be credited to your precious metal depot the day after your purchase. This will be as fractional ownership of a silver bar.

The applicable terms and conditions apply to delivery. The pictures of the bonuses are only a non-binding example.
Legal recourse is excluded.

Bonuses for the A02 tariff are rounded up to 10g silver bars.

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